Keep the pets warm this summer


Australia is set to experience above average temperatures through February to April, with the chance of more heatwaves remaining high across the mainland. Keeping pets cool is important—but how do you do that without an expensive, power-hungry air-conditioner? 

Australian engineer James Trevelyan has come up with the Close Comfort portable air conditioner. It reduces running costs by up to 75 per cent, uses four to eight times less energy and one fifth of the refrigerant used by normal room air conditioners.

Featuring patented technology, Close Comfort uses compressor refrigeration, enabling an instant refreshing crisp airflow for localised cooling. It combines the feel of air conditioning with the humble electric fan.

Close Comfort portable air conditioners are distinct from other devices – the single unit is truly portable and lightweight without the need for installation, water or a window duct to run, just simply plug it in.


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